Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a one piece suit without sleeves?

Yes! Any customization to sewn-to-order listings can be added in the “Special Instructions” box upon placing your order. If you want to double check that the customization can be made, just send a message through my contact form or DM me at @storidlabel on Instagram!

Can I choose my own fabric design?

Absolutely yes! Just follow the instructions in the “Custom” listing option for the item of your choice.

How does sewn-to-order work?

Once your sewn-to-order purchase is placed, I order exactly the amount of material I need from Spoonflower. Upon it’s arrival to me I pre-wash it to reduce shrinkage. Once clean, your order pieces are cut out, serged, sewn, detailed, pressed, packaged and shipped in compostable and reusable packaging!

Why a 3 week turnaround time?

In addition to the amount of time it takes to receive material and create your order (please see “How does sewn-to-order work?”) I also spend a large portion of my time homeschooling and raising our boys, tending our garden and chickens, and making sure we eat and live well. I prioritize rest and adventure on non-business days to balance the amount of work I do during the week. My turnaround time provides me time to sew without getting overwhelmed, and the best part is I usually finish orders well before that three week mark!

What is the SPF rating?

The Spoonflower material I use has a UPF rating of 50+ and UVA/UVB rating of 99.89%/99.84%. We are a minimal sunscreen use family living on the coast and this rating is what led me to making protective swimwear!


My goal is for you to not have a reason to return or exchange a single thing! If a piece doesn’t fit quite right I am always, always open to alterations, just reach out to me! If an item has a flaw or isn’t what you were expecting, please still reach out so we can discuss options for a solution!

How can I best care for my items?

Please remember these are handmade goods and while they are quite sturdy, they will still wear if not properly cared for. Care for them well and they’ll live more than one life!

If being used daily or multiple times a week, I recommend simply rinsing with fresh water and hanging to dry, then washing after a handful of rinses.

TO WASH: hand wash or gentle cycle with cold water and a gentle detergent.

TO DRY: hanging is always best to preserve these stretchy fibers, but in a pinch tumble drying low will air them out quickly! 

These pieces can absolutely be worn as regular clothing! They will arrive to you pressed with low heat and can be pressed low as needed.

*grommets may rust if left to sit wet for an extended period of time*

Have another Question?

If the FAQ above did not answer your questions, please use my contact form or send me a DM on Instagram @storiedlabel and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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