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Daisy No. 3 Quilt Coat

Daisy No. 3 Quilt Coat

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The third coat carefully cut from the oh-so-dainty, but stained beyond salvage, vintage Daisy quilt. She was finished as a flour or tea/coffee sack quilt top and backing, thus makes PERFECT thinner, lightweight coats for layering over sweaters especially here in the southeast where we’re regularly seeing temperatures range from the forties to eighties in one day! She’s handmade and hand stitched with a solid natural lining featuring purple, yellow, and blue bordered flowers. The boxy cut and cuff-able sleeves offer a comfortable fit to a wide range of sizes, making this a one of a kind heirloom piece that can be grown through for years then passed on for more love! 



Spoonflower Sport Lycra: 88% polyester 12% Lycra tightly knitted to provide an SPF 50 material that stands up to both salt and pool water wonderfully. Moisture wicking and printed with non-toxic, water based pigments on demand to reduce textile waste and environmental impact.

100% cotton drawstrings

Non-roll elastic

Heavy duty metal grommets

Shipping & Returns

Ready to ship items will ship next business day.

Turnaround time for sewn-to-order items is currently 2 weeks or less. I shoot for all orders to arrive well before then but it depends on my workload! Once your shipping info arrives expect your goods within 3-5 business days with USPS.

Please inquire about returns, exchanges, or alterations!

Care Instructions

Please note these are handmade goods and while they are quite sturdy, they will still wear if not properly cared for. Care for them well and they’ll live more than one life!

If being used daily or multiple times a week, I recommend simply rinsing with fresh water and hanging to dry, then washing after a handful of rinses.

TO WASH: hand wash or gentle cycle with cold water and a gentle detergent.

TO DRY: hanging is always best to preserve these stretchy fibers, but in a pinch tumble drying low will air them out quickly!

These pieces can absolutely be worn as regular clothing! They will arrive to you pressed with low heat and can be pressed low as needed.

*grommets may rust if left to sit wet for an extended period of time*

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